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Local Bulletin Board - 


Shrewsbury Electric and Cable Operations (SELCO) has a community bulletin board channel available for use by civic, Town, school, social, patriotic, religious, and non-profit groups to promote events, activities and meeting notices of community interest.


This Community Bulletin Board channel also provides up-to-date local weather and other information of interest to the community.


Local businesses and political organizations may purchase advertising time on Channel 26 based on the rates listed below:


Length of Time Cost

Weekly (Paid In Advance)                      $30.00/week

Monthly (Paid In Advance)                    $110.00/month

6 Months or More (Paid In Advance)   $100.00/month


Non-profit and community organizations may be eligible to run ads on this channel for no cost.  Please see here for full policy details.

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Contact Information


Shrewsbury Electric and Cable Operations

Rick Maksian, Marketing Coordinator

Phone: (508) 841- 8500


Contact Information


Prime Media

Guy Ferrante, Account Executive

Phone: (508) 826-5567



Corporate Office

Phone: 888.442.0057 ext. 246


TV Networks - 


Prime Media is the exclusive representative for local commercial advertisements on SELCO. Local cable advertising is the most effective and affordable way to advertise your business! When you advertise locally on SELCO Digital Cable you are able to target your audience in a direct way on quality cable networks. For more information contact Prime Media today.

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