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Do Not Call Registry

What to know...

If SELCO has provided you with a new telephone number that is to be listed in the telephone directory, we highly recommend you sign up for the "Do Not Call Registry." The registry will prevent your number from being picked up by telemarketers. It may take several months for telemarketers to remove your phone number from their call lists.


It is FREE to add your home phone number to the Do Not Call Registry in Massachusetts.


The Do Not Call list is updated on a quarterly basis (January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1) throughout the year. The following chart shows when unsolicited sales calls must stopped based on your signup date:

Please note that even if you sign up for the Do Not Call Registry you may still receive the following types of calls:


  • Noncommercial polls or surveys (political polls)

  • Calls from tax-exempt non-profits, universities and charities

  • Calls from solicitors that you have provided your name and number to

  • Calls from businesses you have visited

  • Call from companies with whom you have an existing contract or debt

  • Calls from companies you have done business with


To sign up please visit the websites below -


Massachusetts Do Not Call Registry


National Do Not Call Registry

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