Commercial EV Charger Rebate

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The SELCO 2022 Commercial EV Charging Station Rebate Program provides SELCO commercial, municipal and industrial (general service/demand) customers with an incentive for the installation of electric vehicle charging supply equipment (EVSE). Qualifying projects are eligible for different levels of funding depending on charging level capabilities, up to $5,000 per property. SELCO customers can install EV charging stations at little or no cost.  Be an environmental leader, attract customers and increase the time customers spend in your business!

How to Apply

SELCO customers must apply for a rebate through our online portal:

Applications are not considered complete without the following documents.


Necessary Documents
  • Signed Terms & Conditions (provided when you open an online application - summarized below) 

  • Site Plan (aerial layout)

  • Electrician and/or EVSE contractor’s proposal including manufacturer’s specification sheets

  • Itemized quote(s) of total project costs

Terms and Conditions
  • Incentives are based on charging level capability (kW)

  • Level 1 (below 2kW, typically 120V): $250 per outlet

  • Level 2 (3kW-19kW, typically 240V, sometimes 208V): $500 per charging port  

  • Level 3 DCFC: (at least 20kW): $1,500 per charging port

  • Eligible costs include materials and labor for the following:

  • Utility-side infrastructure upgrades required to accommodate the charging station: distribution, transformers, meters, conductors

  • Customer-side infrastructure: charging stations, panel, conductor, trenching, boring, conduit

  • The customer is responsible for any other ancillary and/or ongoing costs such as permitting fees, signage, bollards, maintenance, fees, network equipment, etc. 

  • This rebate is only for SELCO municipal, commercial, or general service customers with active accounts, in good standing, with no late payment within the previous 24 months.

  • Limit of $5,000 per address.

  • The customer must provide information on any other grants or rebate funding that will be used for the project. SELCO may adjust rebates so that total funding does not exceed 100% of total project costs. 

  • Customers must provide / grant access to charger usage data to SELCO.

  • Level 2 and 3 stations must be added to Plugshare ( and the US Department of Energy national Alternative Fuels Data Center station locator (

Questions concerning this program should be emailed to SELCO’s Integrated Resources Analyst: Patrick Collins at