Legacy Cable Packages & Pricing


NOTE: Prices and options listed below are for "legacy" cable television services offered prior to December 1, 2017. All customers after that date are subject to our current packaging options available HERE.


Rates Effective February 1, 2021

* Must have Commercial Expanded Basic Package.  ** Must have Commercial Digital Cable Package. 
PLEASE NOTE: Due to contract restrictions, Commercial Digital does not include Sundance.

Bulk Cable Television

We have the perfect package for your hotel, motel, nursing home, assisted living or rehab facility.  SELCO will keep your guests coming back for more with the best in news, entertainment, sports, and premium channels.  From individual rooms to the common areas and fitness center, SELCO will provide your guests and residents access to the programming they enjoy most.

* Core Commercial Expanded Basic cable package required. 
PLEASE NOTE: This package is only available to hotels, motels, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, or other commercial residential locations that qualify under the terms of our programming contracts. Bulk premium service includes access to the "flagship" channel only and does not include access to the full residential premium channel package.

New Subscriber Fees
Existing Subscriber Fees