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Basic Package Features

  • Keep Your Existing Business Number(s)

  • UNLIMITED Calling to US and Canada

  • Free Voicemail

  • Caller ID, Three-Way Calling, Call Forwarding & More

  • Free Hunt Groups (Sequential or Circular)

  • No Long-Term Contracts!

SELCO Business Phone - Starting at $43.95/mo*

Phone Packages & Pricing

Business Phone Pricing & Options


Your business could save

more than $175* per year

by switching to SELCO

Business Phone!


*Estimated savings based on cost of

one SELCO Business line vs.

one Verizon Business line.

business phone.PNG

*Plus taxes and fees. Installation fees may apply.

Standard Business Phone Features


Log in from any phone to get your important business messages even when you're on the go.

Hunt Groups

Routes incoming calls from a busy line to an available line so your customers get through to you quickly. Designate which lines to hunt to and in which order.

Caller ID

Lets you see the number and name of the party calling.

Call Waiting ID

Lets you see the number and name of the second caller when you hear the call waiting tone.

Selective Call Forwarding

Create a list of up to 12 callers and automatically forward to another number when they call.

Three-Way Calling

Set up your own three-party conference call.

Selective Call Rejection

You can choose to block incoming calls from up to 12 specific telephone numbers

Repeat Dial

Automatically redial a busy number for up to 30 minutes. Your line will ring when the number is no longer busy.

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Manage Calling Features Online

Manage calling features and preferences through our easy to use online portal.

Call Waiting

Take a second call without disconnecting the first. A tone alerts you to a second incoming call.

Call Forward

Forward all your incoming calls to another number when you are away.

Call Forward Busy

Automatically forward callers to your voicemail when the line is busy.

Selective Call Acceptance

Create a list of up to 12 specific numbers to accept calls from. All other callers will be directed to a recording.

Caller ID Blocking

Prevent your name and number from being displayed on Caller ID.

Do Not Disturb

Busy? You can choose to have all your calls sent directly to voicemail.

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