Protective Lighting


Protective outdoor lighting is available under this rate to any customer where the necessary fixtures can be supported directly from existing poles and where service can be supplied directly from existing secondary voltage circuits. Where necessary, fixtures that cannot be supported from an existing pole, a wood pole may be furnished in accordance with pole charges listed in this rate.


Shrewsbury Electric & Cable Operations (SELCO) will furnish, install, maintain, and supply power as required to operate protective lighting from dusk to dawn. The customer requesting protective lighting service under this rate agrees to maintain the service for a minimum of three years.

Sodium Vapor Lighting Rates
New Installation

The customer will pay SELCO an equipment and installation charge of $50.00 for the 70W sodium street light fixture and $100.00 for all other fixtures, in addition to the monthly per unit charges listed in Section 3a.

For installations requiring a pole, the customer will pay SELCO an equipment and installation charge of $100.00 in addition to the monthly charge set in Section 3a.


In all cases, the pole to be set shall be no further than 150' from an existing pole, on public or private way, used for the purpose of supporting conductor to provide electric service.


"Easement" or "Right of Entry" releases for the pole and conductors on private property shall be furnished by the customer at no cost to SELCO.


Time of Operation

"Protective Outdoor Lighting" will be lighted every evening from approximately one half hour after sunset until approximately one half hour before sunrise. Burned out lamps will be replaced by SELCO on notification by the customer. No reduction in billing will be allowed for lamp outages.


Billing will commence in the next month after the installation of protective lighting and will be an itemized addition to the customer's electric bill.

Excessive Damage

Excessive damage, due to wanton or malicious acts and accidents, shall be charged to the customer at the actual cost of labor and material required to repair or replace the unit. Excessive damage is defined as a pole, lamp, fixture or conductors being broken or damaged more than once a year. Customers will be notified of excessive damage situations prior to repairs and billing.


Pre-1991 Protective Lighting Rates