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Renewable Power - FAQs

Solar FAQs

What is Net Metering?

Net metering is an agreement by which a customer with solar panels is allowed to transfer surplus power produced by their panels onto the grid.  That excess power is purchased by SELCO, resulting in a credit on their bill.  


Does SELCO offer Net Metering?

Yes.  SELCO has a commercial net metering policy.  However, this policy is only applicable for projects up to a certain size and is only applied to panels owned by the customer.  IMPORTANT: No customer can enter into a Purchase Power Agreement (PPA) with an agent or solar installer and purchase the power as it is produced. 


Effective 03/04/2016:  All interconnect agreements submitted for net metering will be subject to future revisions of SELCO's net metering tariff. This includes revisions to the tariff that will credit the wholesale rate for electricity generated onto our system and or add a solar demand or additional distribution charge to the net metered customer. 


Does SELCO offer any other solar incentives?

SELCO customers are not eligible for state rebates through the state’s Commonwealth Solar/Clean Energy Center program.  However, SELCO customers are able to take advantage of any state or federal solar tax credits that might be available.


Can SELCO recommend any solar installers?

No.  SELCO does not recommend installers.  Be sure whoever you hire is a licensed contractor/electrician and that they pull all required building and electrical permits from the Town of Shrewsbury.


Key facts about Solar Net Metering

  • SELCO does not allow customers to purchase solar power output from third parties

  • SELCO will adopt a net metering policy for solar projects up to an aggregate of 600 kW per site location.

  • SELCO will adopt net metering principles as set in M.G.L. c. 164, S. 1, 138, 139 for Class I, and Class II net metering facilities.


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