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Residential & Water Heating Rates



Service under this rate is available to residential customers who have installed an electric water heater, in regular operation, of a type approved by SELCO. SELCO will then furnish electric energy for domestic water heating purposes.


This rate is available only to customers' of record as of December 31, 2005.

* This rate is available only to customers of record as of December 31, 2005.

Multiple Dwelling

When separate metering or service to individual apartments of multiple dwellings is impracticable, service may be furnished through a single meter but the KWH in each block and the Customer Charge will be multiplied by the number of dwellings connected.

An approved type of electric water heater, for the purpose of this rate, is a two-element interlocking limited demand storage water heater of a standard manufacture and having a capacity of not less than 50 gallons.


The Shrewsbury Electric reserves the right to provide, own and maintain suitable time switch or other control devices to control the operation of the water heater. The Shrewsbury Electric will furnish electric energy to the water heater for not less than 16 hours a day.


The customer shall provide a separate circuit for the water heater, of ample capacity and designed for 230 volt operation, to which no equipment other than the water heater shall be connected.

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