Protective Lighting pre 1991

These rates shall apply only to customers for fixtures installed prior to 1991.

Mercury Vapor Lighting Rates
Sodium Vapor Lighting Rates
Cost of Service - Poles

Effective 1991, SELCO no longer installs aluminum poles. Rates apply for existing poles only.

Underground Installation

Option #1 - Where customer provided all trenching, backfill, sand and finish grading, SELCO has provided conduit and conductor installation:

Cost per Month $.056 linear foot


Option #2 - Where SELCO has provided the entire underground installation:


Cost per Month $.101 linear foot


No further installation of this type will be made after 1991. In the event of equipment failure, exact replacements are not guaranteed by SELCO and replacements will be made based upon the availability of equipment. At the customer's request, SELCO will install comparable equipment and revise charges based upon rates in Section 3a.